Thursday, January 6, 2011


You know somedays are just tough! I think today is going to be really tough. For some reason I feel extremely emotional, on top of having about 3.5 hours of sleep due to both children deciding they didn't want or need to sleep. That makes for one cranky mom!

Anyway please remember to keep Jamie in your prayers the path to recovery seems so far off for her. I can only imagine (thank god) how she must feel. I don't beleive I would be strong enough to pull through like she is doing.

Also we are praying that one of us gets into better work. Both of us have applications in somewhere big that are under consideration and have been since November. We pray that something pans out. We could really use a break. Evan's current job has horrid hours with even worse pay. However we are thankful that he has a job.

I just wanted to get all this out there. I hope that everyone has a good Thursday!

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