Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 Favorite Pictures of 2010!

This is for you Jamie! <3 
Ok so this one is from 2009 while I was pregnant with Natalie but for some reason I like it.... so shhhhh..

This is Natalie and momma at Caydens 1st bday party!

Jackson and Renee getting Uncle Jake!

Mommy and Daddy at a wedding sharing some sort of secret lol.

So what if Mom has had too much to drink her and papa are having fun!

Mommy, Grammy ( Bikey), and daddy. Again mom is celebrating her birthday so she is allowed to be drinking!

Logan, Natalie ( being a trouble maker and keeping the boys awake!) and Jackson

Little miss Natalie oh so happy!

Aunt Bell in her new clothes we got her for her 3rd birthday! We miss you Aunt Bell!

Easter egg hunting at grandmas!

Jackson, daddy, Natalie, and Cayden, oh yeah and of course mommy feeding the little ones!

And of course our neice Aubrey! We couldnt leave her out even if we havent met her! I know my counting sucks and there are 12 pictures! But one is from 2009 and I couldnt leave the new baby out!


  1. Beautiful photos! What a year! And I LOVE the block background!! :)

  2. Thank you Amanda maybe I will get the hang of this after all!