Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some people are funny

So just a note. I know I am on the young side for 3 kids. But remember the oldest is not mine. I didn't have a child in highschool. That being said, why do people have to be so judgemental. I have not complained about "missing" anything in life. I dont feel that by being a mother I have missed anything. I think that I have gained more from having them. Then anyone who doesnt have kids has gained from going to parties and being out all the time. I however am not saying everyone should have children it is a tough job, but I believe it is a good job for me! I have always wanted to have kids and wouldn't change having them! I believe my kids have provided joy to peoples lives other then just ours. Just saying I love my family just the way it is. So if you feel the need to tell me I am wrong please keep it to yourself. I do not like hearing that my kids are wrong and like any mother I am going to defend them and get my point across and you may not want to hear it. So have a good day all!


  1. This is awful Angela, I'm so sorry :( I say you are amazing for raising three kids at your age and that you are a strong woman!!

  2. Thank you Amanda! I just gave the person a piece of my mind! LOL come to find out the guy had fathered a child and wasn't ready for it and came around to see my point of view! However I am using no names because a lot of my readers most likely know this person. Poo on dead beat parents trying to judge good ones!