Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I was doing so good!

Well poo on this snow then rain. Really don't want to take the kids walking in this crud! Maybe it will be better tonight! Anyway its been awhile I know. I am just trying to mentally prep myself for this weekend of fun! It is Jackson's 4th birthday on monday! Can you believe its been 4 years!? I can not! Where does the time go!? He is growing oh so much. Learning so much and has so much personallity can choose who he likes and doesnt like. We are excited for Aunty Cassy to come to Olympia! We are going to stay in a hotel room with her Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Jackson had got to stay in a hotel room in Savannah for his birthday last year so now he sort of expects it. I know what an odd thing for a 4 year old but whatever. Too bad the daddy has to work this weekend last minute. This working for a temp agency thing sucks! He can't really ask for the time off :( I hope that something pulls through for us!!

PS Hope everyone has a great hump day!!!

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