Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now that my venting is done...

Lets learn some more about us through our favorite pictures from 2008! Enjoy!

Giving mommy kisses!

Just the momma isn't she pretty!?

Jackson and his mohawk!

Awwww to be able to get away with this lol!

Jackson, Momma, and the bunny

Yeah I know I am cool!


Sleepy time with Aunt bell!

Jackson and cousin Gabe!

Jackson and mommy!

Renee and Jackson at the science center.

Jackson and Logan... oh how they have grown!

Awww... last one I must say I know his face is messy however sometimes it is easier to let them sleep! I miss the passing out anywhere stage!

I hope everyone enjoyed there little look into our 2008!


  1. He and Nat look SO MUCH ALIKE as babies! You can't always see the family resemblance between siblings but for them you can! Sweet pics.

  2. I know its crazy just looking at her I always said I didn't think they did then I started going through all the pictures and realized they really look alike! Glad too because some people would try to accuse Natalie of not being my husbands lol. Even though that is NOT a possibility at all!