Monday, January 31, 2011

The last day of Jan already!?

Time has been flying! I can't believe how quickly! Jackson is 4 now can that be?! Now I just have to get through today, and the first 3 days of next month. Then I will have my interview! I am so nervous, anxious, you know the normal. I haven't done anything but be mom in so long! I am ready for change and at the same time I know if this goes well and I get a job the first day I HAVE to leave my kids I am most likely going to cry! I am a big baby I know. I will cross those bridges when we get there I suppose. No use worrying about the details before I know if I will need to. Anyway that is the update here. I hope everyone has had a great month!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Uncle Jeff

Please keep praying for uncle Jeff. They now believe that the meds for his staff infection have caused all the other symptoms and have in turn put him on an iv of a differnt one. We are praying this solves the problems and his health returns.

Friday, January 28, 2011

I think family business should stay family business!!!!!

I am sorry for another one of these vents... But seriously who would like to get on facebook and find out that their child, (grown or not) is being rushed to the ER?! I know my heart would simply break into a million pieces. Why wouldnt you make sure a mother knows. I am not trying to turn the concetration. I agree it should be about Uncle Jeff. I just wish that everyone would leave family business in family.

In other words please pray for Uncle Jeff. He is in the hospital and they have no idea what is going on. Been doing tests since last night. His heart beat is irregular and his blood pressure is all over the place. I guess ( I read on facebook) that they are doing a dye test on his belly to try and figure out the issue. And are considering transfering him to UW. Please please pray hard! We need it. Thank you all for your support.

Monday, January 24, 2011

An award!

Legos In My Pocket
Ok I so don't know how to link you Jaimie! I am trying thank you though for my award!

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Answer 10 questions.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
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The 10 Questions:
1. Why did you create this blog?
I Started my blog as a way to vent, rave and just tell people about how my life with my husband and kids is going.
2. What kinds of blogs do you follow?
I must admit I don't follow many yet. I have just started. I follow wife blogs, writer blogs, mommy blogs
3. Favorite make-up brand?
Haha is this a joke?! Make up what make up?
4. Favorite clothing brand?
Hmmm.... When I get to splurge on me I will get victoria's secret, or hollister.
5. Indispensable makeup product?
Again is this a joke? I can't think of any I couldnt live without!.
6. Favorite color?
7. Favorite perfume?

Victoria's Secret Very sexy for her
8. Favorite film?
You know this is tough I can't think of a "favorite"  I guess How to loose a guy in 10 days would be my favorite

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Thats a tough one. I would love to go to Australia.  I have been lucky enough to have such a great older sister who was able to give me the chance to go to Germany, Italy, and France! So really anywhere else I haven't been is at the top!

10. Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?
uhhhh... I hope that no one would let me walk out like that lol.

And now, to pass along this award, here are 7 blogs
I've recently discovered and enjoy (in no particular order):
The Forever Endeavor
Mountain Mum 

Make sure you check them all out!!

I will get the hang of this better.

Again I know its been too long

Well I feel like a HUGE dork. Today I have to update my application again for the 3rd time! I don't know why I haven't been able to get it right lol. At least the lady that keeps calling me has heard the kids and completly understands. And she thinks this should be the last time ( I only have to fix a date). I am so anxious and nervous for next Friday. It has been so long since I have done anything other then being mom. I am really looking forward to the chance. I hope I don't blow it!

In other news. I have a migraine that has been with me since Saturday evening. I have tried everything. Bla... I did try something else about 1/2 an hour ago and (knock on wood) think it may be helping. Now just if I wasn't coming down with a cold with it. Oh well.

Friday night I had Gabe the boys had so much fun! I can't wait to do it again. Hopefully soon it will be in a place of our own... Crossing our fingers on how the 4th goes. I am ready for some big change in 2011!!!!

Hopefully later this afternoon I can make my button and figure out how to accept my award from Jamie lol. I will get all this blogging stuff down haha.

PS Lets keep Rachel in our prayers. She is going through a hard time, and I just want her to heal and be able to stay strong for her and her son! And of course keep praying for us, and the 4th! And that maybe Evan will get a call too!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I know i know its been too long!

Hi all! Jackson is now 4 years old! We had a great weekend with Aunty Cassy at the phoenix inn Olympia! Jackson got to open presents Sunday, then we went to the hands on Children's museum and had ice cream cake. After everyone settled a little from the cake we went for a nice swim! It was all in all a great day. For Jackson's actual birthday Cassy and I took him to the old spaghetti factory and the science center. He had a lot of fun!

So on Jack's birthday I got great news that we have been praying for! Thank you all for your support and don't quit praying yet! I got an interview at boeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not until Feb. 4th so keep us in your prayers and keep praying they call Evan too! I am very excited about this news! I hope like hell it goes well! Anyway that is the update for now and I am sorry it took so long!

happy hump day all!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I was doing so good!

Well poo on this snow then rain. Really don't want to take the kids walking in this crud! Maybe it will be better tonight! Anyway its been awhile I know. I am just trying to mentally prep myself for this weekend of fun! It is Jackson's 4th birthday on monday! Can you believe its been 4 years!? I can not! Where does the time go!? He is growing oh so much. Learning so much and has so much personallity can choose who he likes and doesnt like. We are excited for Aunty Cassy to come to Olympia! We are going to stay in a hotel room with her Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Jackson had got to stay in a hotel room in Savannah for his birthday last year so now he sort of expects it. I know what an odd thing for a 4 year old but whatever. Too bad the daddy has to work this weekend last minute. This working for a temp agency thing sucks! He can't really ask for the time off :( I hope that something pulls through for us!!

PS Hope everyone has a great hump day!!!