Friday, November 19, 2010

I am so bad at this!

Okay so its been awhile! I am a horrible blogger. Here is a quick kiddo update!

Both kids have had their well child check ups recently. Both are pidgeon toed but we are just observing it closely to make sure its not interfeering. So far it isn't. Jackson is ahead of his age range they said with his knowledge! (at least I am doing something right haha). He is 41 inches tall and 37 pounds. Natalie is doing well right in her range. We are hoping her hair starts to catch up with her! She is a funny girl and I am sure we will have our hands full soon. She already lectures her big brother and tells him bad boy and uses her index finger. She doesnt talk too much. She loves to sing and dance also she LOVES to eat!

We have been having a good time having big sister around. She is really starting to open up to Natalie which is great for Natalie and not so great for Jackson. Poor boy told me last time he needed a boy to play with. Time for more play dates with cousin Gabe! Because I am not having another kid to try to get him a brother! LOL! The girls were playing dress up and barbies as Jackson had a fit about wanting to play super heroes. Oh the joys!

Everyone of them is stocked for Christmas and have never ending lists. At least Natalie hasn't started asking for things yet haha. Jackson and Renee currently want anything and everything that they have seen on TV!

I have as crazy as it may sound started planning for Jackson's birthday. He asked if he could have a hotel room and a cake. So as far as I have gotten now is a hotel room for us and hopefully a wonderful aunty Cassy coming to stay in it with us! Well that is the update for now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November is here!

Hey everyone its been awhile. I am bad at this haha. Oh well. Yesterday was a good day! The kids had so much fun trick or treating! They also got to see some extended family. I was surprised at how much Natalie enjoyed herself. She was trying to get into everyones house it was funny. She was very excited when we got to a house they were allowed into! All in all it was a great time. Now I am being bothered about candy as to be expected.

Today has been a good day for me. Jackson let me and Natalie sleep in a little. Then I made phone calls and got a doctors app. set up for them! Next week they finally get their check ups! I will be glad to have their shots all caught up!!!!!!!! Anyway thats all i have for now. I hope everyone enjoyed their halloween!!!