Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last post for 2010 I am sure

I am so horrible at this blogging thing haha. I know I have just begun blogging. Lets try a recap of our 2010. This year has brought us a lot of change!

Our number one good change has been being able to spend a lot of time with little miss Renee. It has been a joyous thing for all. It had been 3 years since we had seen her before we moved back to Washington and began seeing her everyother weekend. It has been great to be here in her first year of school!

This year has brought us also closer to mister Gabe! How I missed my nephew too! And also Cayden my honorary nephew and of course his mommy Rachooo. ( she is Rachooo because Jackson couldnt say Rachel when he was younger and she would watch him for me!) I am so glad that I got to meet him before he was walking and 1!

We have however missed the birth of our niece Aubrey but are being kept up to date via facebook and picture texts. Glad she was born healthy! Also that our sister Marlaina made it through her open heart surgery and is recovering just fine. We have kept her in our prayers.

We are missing all the family that is far away, at the same time we are glad to be around the family that is here. It was really a big decision to make! But we needed all 3 of the Evan Clark children to know eachother and it was apparent that was not going to happen while we were on the other side of the country.

This year has really put me through some tough times, emotions have reved more this year then others. We started the year of 2010 in Metter Georgia, and have ended it in Lacey Washington. Jackson and Natalie have grown so much! Jackson is getting very smart and is very proud of himself. Natalie is running now, growling, laughing, crying, having attitude, dancing, singing however still not talking. She is a nut really. To think when we started 2010 she was so little and not very mobile now she can roam anywhere just as well as her brother. Also at the beginning of 2010 we hardly knew our daughter Renee and as it is coming to an end we are really getting to know her.

We got to spend Christmas day until last night with her. That was really great to have the kids together! She was supposed to be here until today but her mom missed her so I was nice and let her go home early, see me i am so great hahaha. I know I would miss my kids too. I have let them go for that long and longer and it can get tough so I knew how she felt. But it was great while it lasted. Jackson already misses her.

We are now getting ready for Jackson's 4th birthday can you believe that?! I hardly can. He has big plans so far! Getting a hotel room with Aunty Cassy is at the top of his list of exciting things for 2011! I hope that everyone stays safe tomorrow and has a great 2011!!!!!!!!!!!