Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last post for 2010 I am sure

I am so horrible at this blogging thing haha. I know I have just begun blogging. Lets try a recap of our 2010. This year has brought us a lot of change!

Our number one good change has been being able to spend a lot of time with little miss Renee. It has been a joyous thing for all. It had been 3 years since we had seen her before we moved back to Washington and began seeing her everyother weekend. It has been great to be here in her first year of school!

This year has brought us also closer to mister Gabe! How I missed my nephew too! And also Cayden my honorary nephew and of course his mommy Rachooo. ( she is Rachooo because Jackson couldnt say Rachel when he was younger and she would watch him for me!) I am so glad that I got to meet him before he was walking and 1!

We have however missed the birth of our niece Aubrey but are being kept up to date via facebook and picture texts. Glad she was born healthy! Also that our sister Marlaina made it through her open heart surgery and is recovering just fine. We have kept her in our prayers.

We are missing all the family that is far away, at the same time we are glad to be around the family that is here. It was really a big decision to make! But we needed all 3 of the Evan Clark children to know eachother and it was apparent that was not going to happen while we were on the other side of the country.

This year has really put me through some tough times, emotions have reved more this year then others. We started the year of 2010 in Metter Georgia, and have ended it in Lacey Washington. Jackson and Natalie have grown so much! Jackson is getting very smart and is very proud of himself. Natalie is running now, growling, laughing, crying, having attitude, dancing, singing however still not talking. She is a nut really. To think when we started 2010 she was so little and not very mobile now she can roam anywhere just as well as her brother. Also at the beginning of 2010 we hardly knew our daughter Renee and as it is coming to an end we are really getting to know her.

We got to spend Christmas day until last night with her. That was really great to have the kids together! She was supposed to be here until today but her mom missed her so I was nice and let her go home early, see me i am so great hahaha. I know I would miss my kids too. I have let them go for that long and longer and it can get tough so I knew how she felt. But it was great while it lasted. Jackson already misses her.

We are now getting ready for Jackson's 4th birthday can you believe that?! I hardly can. He has big plans so far! Getting a hotel room with Aunty Cassy is at the top of his list of exciting things for 2011! I hope that everyone stays safe tomorrow and has a great 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I am so bad at this!

Okay so its been awhile! I am a horrible blogger. Here is a quick kiddo update!

Both kids have had their well child check ups recently. Both are pidgeon toed but we are just observing it closely to make sure its not interfeering. So far it isn't. Jackson is ahead of his age range they said with his knowledge! (at least I am doing something right haha). He is 41 inches tall and 37 pounds. Natalie is doing well right in her range. We are hoping her hair starts to catch up with her! She is a funny girl and I am sure we will have our hands full soon. She already lectures her big brother and tells him bad boy and uses her index finger. She doesnt talk too much. She loves to sing and dance also she LOVES to eat!

We have been having a good time having big sister around. She is really starting to open up to Natalie which is great for Natalie and not so great for Jackson. Poor boy told me last time he needed a boy to play with. Time for more play dates with cousin Gabe! Because I am not having another kid to try to get him a brother! LOL! The girls were playing dress up and barbies as Jackson had a fit about wanting to play super heroes. Oh the joys!

Everyone of them is stocked for Christmas and have never ending lists. At least Natalie hasn't started asking for things yet haha. Jackson and Renee currently want anything and everything that they have seen on TV!

I have as crazy as it may sound started planning for Jackson's birthday. He asked if he could have a hotel room and a cake. So as far as I have gotten now is a hotel room for us and hopefully a wonderful aunty Cassy coming to stay in it with us! Well that is the update for now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November is here!

Hey everyone its been awhile. I am bad at this haha. Oh well. Yesterday was a good day! The kids had so much fun trick or treating! They also got to see some extended family. I was surprised at how much Natalie enjoyed herself. She was trying to get into everyones house it was funny. She was very excited when we got to a house they were allowed into! All in all it was a great time. Now I am being bothered about candy as to be expected.

Today has been a good day for me. Jackson let me and Natalie sleep in a little. Then I made phone calls and got a doctors app. set up for them! Next week they finally get their check ups! I will be glad to have their shots all caught up!!!!!!!! Anyway thats all i have for now. I hope everyone enjoyed their halloween!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday....

I am just getting used to this blogging thing... stick with me guys lol. Finally both kids are asleep and I have a moment to myself! I am getting a wisdom tooth and have been suffering from it for a long time it seems although I think its probably only been a little over a week. Oh well its life.

So I am thankful for

Jackson. He is my little comic. Although sometimes he seems to be the devil in disguise he has helped me through a lot! He is the best man in my life!

Natalie. Ahhh my little sweetheart ( who is just too young to be a devil in disguise) She knows how to make me smile!! The best lady in my life without a doubt!!

Evan. Without him I would have my babies! I fall on him a lot he is my wall even if sometimes he appears to be the big version of my devil in disguise LOL

My family! You are all great! I don't know what I would do without you!!!

So there is my biggest thankful for things!

Natalie is learning new things!! Today she has been blowing kisses! You can't tell me that isn't the sweetest thing ever! She is a teaser though she will get right up to you like she is going to kiss you then just laugh! She knows she is funny!

Jackson has been a handfull lately! He is starting to act like Natalie is his sister instead of his little baby. I knew that wouldnt last and its ok we are just dealing with it.

We had a new addition added to our family today! Eddy and Joy (cousin and his wife) had a little girl... ok not so little 8 pounds 15 ounces 21 inches... I would tell you her name but as far as I know she still hasnt been named lol.

Also Marlaina is in her own room now and recovering well. I am keeping her in our prayers but she seems to be doing well. Evan got to talk to her today that was nice, she also has gotten to see Aubrey so that is good.

We are also keeping Jamie and Ryan in our prayers! Love you guys I am so sorry about the baby!! Thats it for today guys time to hit the hay!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ok more for today

I am done venting/ ranting. Now on to happier things lol. The kids are doing great and developing wonderfully. Natalie still isn't talking much, she loves to sing though. It is sweet, today she is very tired because a certain older brother doesn't like to be awake with out his baby sister. The poor girl never gets to just wake up. This morning I woke up and they were playing in her bed. It was sweet but Jackson is too big to be in her bed! Now currently Jackson is laying on the BIG bear watching word world. He is learning so much lately. The other day he was telling me that he has big ideas and a lot of questions. It was so funny silly boy loves sid the science kid! I can't wait untill he is in school learning! He soaks up so much! We have had to stop watching our tv shows while he is in the room as he loves to repeat everything! His new fascination thanks to his big sister is GG's (vagina) he has no idea what he is talking about. But before he would tell me girls have 2 butts and no weiner... now he is calling it a gg. Not so sure how to handle this one. Also Renee's mom is pregnant and told Renee she got that way from eating a special apple. Can you imagine the things a 3 year old boy has had to say about this!?!? First of all his reaction was to not want to eat any apples then he realized that it was not possible to have a baby in you from eating an apple. Which has caused more issues because he keeps telling Renee your mom can not make a baby from an apple... This I also am not sure how to handle... Oh well thats all I have for now I hope all you out there have a great day!!

Also keep praying for Jamie and her baby! And for the fast recovery of Marlaina!


This is going to be a rant/ vent fest! Sorry to all don't read if you don't want. I am so sick of the lack of communication!!! I am about ready to delete mine and Evan's face books! I don't like getting on face book to get family news! That is so wrong. . Maybe I am just being too touchy about it but its one of those days and something I feel strongly about! I believe family especially blood family should ALWAYS come first, excuse me for that!!!!!!!!!!!! If my facebook gets deleted soon sorry. I am just over this stuff. I will no longer be updating how the kids are doing if you want to know call and ask, or hey come see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Ok so I missed the everyday thing... Figures. So as this day is coming to a close for me I am just thinking about all the prayers I will say tonight. One is for Marlaina who is my sister in law, she is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning. Will update and let everyone know how it went. Another is for Jamie and her baby! You both have a lot of people on your sides!!!!

On a happier note Saturday we went to the ocean to do some clam digging. It was not the best day for it didn't get any! It was dreary wet, cold and windy. Natalie however just wanted to run down the beach. She was soaked and cold but mad at me for putting her in the car and warming her up. Jackson also was having fun. So it was alright that we didnt get any. This reminding me of being a kid again. It brought back fun memories and made me miss a friend. Life sure has a way of changing things.\

I have been missing my friends, everyone is so much farther apart distance wise now. Although even  being closer to them I still don't see anyone enough. I am thinking its almost time for a trip to Oregon... One of these weekends, if only Evan's schedule didn't suck.

So today I went into planned parenthood in Olympia ( I get my birth control there). And out side there are these people protesting planned parenthood. Thats not it though they had their babies out there in like t shirts and its pretty cold outside. They were protesting killing babies but yet they seemed to be putting there babies in a bad situation... Funny how people think. Also its funny how they seem to think everyone is going into the place just for that purpose or that they just tell you thats what you should do. I have never heard them suggest that. Oh well some people are strange. I don't even want to get started on my feelings in this situation.

Well now its bed time the kids are cranky and mom is moody so also cranky! Good night all!

Friday, October 8, 2010

First blog post!!!!!!!

I am way new to this! I have decided to go ahead and start blogging away! For those of you not familiar with my family I am a mother and a wife. I have 2.5 kids... I have a step daughter Renee who spends everyother weekend with us, she is 5 and started her first year of school this year. She has lost her first tooth! Not sure what day as she was with her mom at the time. Then there is Jackson he is 3 until Jan 17th he is a typical hyperactive little boy, he knows how to keep mommy on her toes! Finally there is little miss Natalie she is 14 months old and running around everywhere! She doesn't say much yet her words are limited to Momma (which only comes out when she is mad), Dad, daddy, dadda, Nana, Papa and thank you. She enjoys to play with brothers toys, but not as much as she enjoys her shoes (and everyone elses shoes!) She really loves her stuff! The kids are what I do, currently I am a stay at home mom. I love being a mom, even though some days are very rough! Being a mom is a hard job!!

Evan and I got married August 2006. We spent from May 2007 until August of this year on the east coast. That was a trip, I missed my family a lot and didnt have any friends there. I am thankful that we are back "home". It has been really good having all the kids together. Even if it means way more work for me. Evans work schedule doesn't allow for much awake with the kids time. He has a night job and works a lot of overtime.

Right now we are currently praying for Marlaina's heart surgery to go well! Other then that we don't have any worries other then silly minor things! Thank you for reading and I hope to update daily!